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Bruhl for innovation Bruhl for new classic Bruhl for function

Clarity that shapes concept and design!

In the world of contemporary design, Brühl furniture is designed with straightforward concepts and clear-cut, defined forms. Product features and designs are of highest form and functionality that work in today's environment and working conditions, without compromising on overall comfort and durability.

At Interprofil, Clarity in Design means simple forms, straight-lined, right-angled, with curves and lines that accentuating luxury and conformity. Clarity lies in carefully balanced proportions and harmonious interplay of all the elements. And Clarity means conforming to the art of omission and emphasis on the essentials. The overall comfort and luxury of the recliners, sofas and armchairs are that of tranquility and generous modernity.

Bruhl designs do not go out of date. But more than anything the design enables the furniture to easily integrate, with almost any interior styles. It can help achieve the best effect even in smaller rooms. Each piece of Bruhl furniture can be combined with other furniture to match a wide variety of colours and moods.

Bruhl’s design’s Clarity displays ppealing grace with charms. Rather than being sheer classic or contemporary, Bruhl has its unique characteristics that befit the contemporary mood and digital age of today’s environment.